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Hard Country Visual Design

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I do all my own digital stunts. I like making logos and book covers. I’ve designed a few websites. Sometimes I try to take nice photos. I took some photoshop classes in college and a fascinating Visual Rhetoric course. Design is something I’ve both admired, and enjoyed trying my hand at. All that being said, I know I have an over-inflated view of my own design talents. However, I feel like I succeed more often than not when it comes to using said abilities to find the right fonts and take the right pictures to arrange a final product that matches the project I’m working on.

My wife Sharayah is an artist and was a professional photographer for years; she took a series of pictures for the Kindle Vella cover of Hard Country Makes Hard Men as well as some mock book covers I threw together at the beginning of this project. Really excellent stuff starring some charming, authentic looking lead reloads my uncle Tony did, an old wagon wheel (yes, I own one of those) and one of my miniature horses: Cricket. I come from a family of Louis L’Amour (pronounced Loo-ey Lam-mur where I’m from) enthusiasts, and what an iconic look! So I took direct inspiration from its design, and the faux cover was made. After that, I designed a series of Instagram Post “covers” for each Episode as it was released. I have included them here as a sort of catalog mostly for myself, but hopefully they will inspire you as well.

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