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Published Works
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Short Story - 
Sword & Sorcery
/ Fantasy

From Goodman Games:
"Even the most dangerous and Valhalla-destined Seawolf heeds the knowledge of the runeríkr, the speakers of runes; but young Frode still has a way to go to earn the respect of his tribe and learn the full power of the runetunga in H.T. Grossen’s Test of the Runeweavers."
Published - 8/25/23

Tales From the Magician's Skull #11


Poetry Collection

The Long and Short of It is a Full-length recto-verso poetry manuscript published by ICOE Press out of Australia.This collection of poems explores the people and events that have shaped the opening chapters of my life: some events particular to my own experience and some relatable to us all.

The best way to get a copy is to email me:

The next best way is the publisher's website or Barnes and Noble booksellers.

InCaseOfEmergency Press Link

Barnes and Noble Link

Published - 7/4/23

Short Story - 

Every year as migrating dragons pass by from across the endless sea, tradition mandates one woman jump into the thunder and dance with the wild beasts
Published - 6/29/23

Metastellar Magazine

Poetry, Haiku -
Science Fiction

A poem regarding a hard-won victory on an alien planet.

Published - 11/15/22

Scifaikuest - November 2022 Issue

Drabbun -
Science Fiction

A drabble is 100 words exactly-- but a DRABBUN has a twist, a haiku ending the piece that is part of the 100 word limit. Both of these stories are featured in this anthology.

Published - 7/1/22

The Drabbun Anthology - July 2022

Poetry, Haikus -
Science Fiction

Three Haikus, one online and two in print.

About: The death of the mother tree

Fighting in Space, &

How to make a living farming on a new planet.

Published - 5/6/22

Scifaikuest - May 2022 Issue

Flash Fiction - 
Science Fiction

Winner of the Press53, 53-word story contests for April 2022. Prompt: "A Date."

A couple celebrates their life together.

Published - 5/1/22 online, and in

Issue 227 - July - Prime Number Magazine

Flash Fiction - 

An exploration of Ray Bradbury's short story "All Summer in a Day" which had just turned 67 years old. Endless floods and dangerous rainstorms constantly rock the surface of Venus, a young girl would do anything to taste fresh air once again.

Published - 12/13/21

Altered Reality Magazine Issue #32

Long Poem - 
Science Fiction

An epic, 5 part, 56-line poem about Humanity's last hope, our final and mightiest weapon, doing battle against an evil multi-dimensional being of apocalyptic power.

Published - 12/1/21

Utopia Science Fiction Vol.3 Issue 3

Drabble - 
Science Fiction

A "Drabble" is defined as a short story containing exactly, precisely, no more and no fewer than 100 words, with a title no more than 15 words long.

This title speaks for itself.

Published - 7/23/21

Drabble Harvest #4

Serial Novella - 

A Frontier Action Adventure story. Ride alongside Civil War veteran Corporal Moses "Dusty" Daughtry and his gang of noble low-lifes as blood is spilled, whiskey is drank, horses are ridden, cattle are rustled, romance is found, and fortunes are made.
Began Publishing- 7/13/21

Completed on- 7/1/22

Kindle Vella Serial Publishing Service

Micro Fiction - 

A Narrative Micro Flash Fiction piece (350 words or fewer) detailing the life of a music note from birth to death.
Published - 7/8/21

Brilliant Flash Fiction -"Branching Out"

International Anthology

Short Story - 


A storyteller and his love descend from the Rocky Mountains in Fall; but when folklore becomes reality, fate comes calling for her claim.
Published - 5/21/21

Frost Zone Zine Issue #4

Flash Fiction - 
Science Fiction

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but in a future where convenience is the mother of necessity: how much control over your own life are you willing to yield?

Published - 4/24/21

Altered Reality Magazine Issue #29

Short Story - 

Science Fiction

A short story that answers the age old question: What if God was a spaceship?

Humanity's last hope rests deep in the databanks of a supermassive colonial starship. Are the passengers keeping the ship on course- or is the ship keeping them on course?

Published - 12/21/20

Red Planet Magazine Winter 2020 Issue


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H.T. Grossen as Eli Decker in Voyage of the Chimera.

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