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is a recto-verso book of poetry (can be read from either direction) that ICOE Press just published. It is a manuscript I've been working on for about a year, and I'm very excited to have been approached by a publisher that wanted to try the unique method of organization and layout I had proposed.

This collection of poems explores the people and events that have shaped the opening chapters of my life: some events particular to my own experience and some relatable to us all, each piece condensed and made as approachable as I could. The poems range from tragic to humorous, calmly introspective to cathartic. There is wisdom contained in each poem included: lessons to be learned or observed from the people dissected and perspective to be gained from the experiences examined.
The free-verse and prose poems within are presented in a unique arrangement and format: rather than page numbers, the book contains only line count numbers on the table of contents and next to each poem within to organize them. “The Long and Short of It” has two “front” covers, one on each side of the book, rather than a front and a back cover. One side entitled “The Long of It” and the other “The Short of It.” Each side has a mirrored Table of Contents.
The reader has a choice to make: “shortest poems or longest poems first?” but can begin from either side. Halfway through there is a poem published sideways in the book, and the orientation of the book then flips for the reader. The rotation of the book represents the ups and downs we experience in life: either beginning the uphill journey to longer poems and more time and effort, or the downhill journey to shorter, faster poems to ingest. This change, the physical shift in perspective, how the reader must now progress through the pages backwards to stay in order of longest to shortest (or vice versa), is to represent the shift in perspective we all experience when we learn from one of our hard life lessons or are gifted precious wisdom, as presented in the center poem: the titular “The Long and Short of It.”
The best and most immediate way to get ahold of a copy of this book is to message me. On here, email, text, however you can.

I've got signed author copies I will be distributing for $20 each, including shipping (inside USA). It will be available at a limited number of stores in Colorado and surrounding area for approx. $15-18 (including as of this post Love Mug Coffee Shop Pueblo CO, Elm Avenue Collective Rocky Ford CO, and Fite & Sons Mercantile Prescott AZ).

You can also buy it on the publishers website. ICOE Press is an Australian imprint: this means if you purchase the book there it will be in Australian Dollars (about A$36 after shipping) but your bank account will be charged approximately $25 USD.
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