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Nov22 Scifaikuest


is probably my favorite poetry publication: a Science Fiction poetry magazine with a focus on Haiku.

This issue, I had one in print.

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Read the current online issue HERE

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A "drabble" is 100 words exactly, but a "DRABBUN" has a twist: a haiku starting or ending the piece that is part of the 100 word limit.

A challenging format that produces some excellent pieces!

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published in

Scifaikuest Nov.22 Issue



published in

Drabbun Anthology


Recent Publications

Utopia SF Dec 2021 Cover.png

An epic 5 part, 56-line poem about Humanity's last hope, our final and mightiest weapon, doing battle against an evil multi-dimensional being of apocalyptic power.

HCMHM Cover.png
utopia logo.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 5.00.03 PM.png

A "DRABBLE" is 100 words exactly, but these ones have a twist: a haiku starting or ending the piece that is part of the 100 word limit.

A challenging format that produces some excellent pieces!

The Purifier Awakens

& Neural Biotransference

published in

Drabbun Anthology


Every month PRESS 53 Publishing publishes one 53 word story to feature in the next print issue of Prime Number Magazine.

The prompt in April was "Write a 53-word story about a date."

published in
Prime Number Magazine

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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but in a future where convenience is the mother of necessity: how much control over your own life are you willing to yield?

The Day Alexa Said No
published in




H.T. Grossen is an author and Writing/Literature teacher from Pueblo, Colorado.


He lives in the long evening shadow of the Rocky Mountains with his magical wife, beautiful children, and several animals of varying levels of intelligence.


With his free time he loves deep conversations and any time he gets to create or engage in the fantastical-- be it writing, tabletop gaming, digital gaming, acting, farming, 3D printing, driving in the mountains with his wife, or just talking and imagining with friends. 

H.T. Grossen has most recently had his work published in

Prime Number Magazine, Scifaikuest, Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Brilliant Flash Fiction,

Frost Zone Zine Horror Mag, and Altered Reality Magazine.

His work is upcoming in Tales From the Magician's Skull, Scifaikuest, and other places tba.

He has acted in the Sci-Fi feature film Voyage of the Chimera (2020), now on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.



You can contact H.T. Grossen by sending him an email at:

Or on Social Media (Instagram preferred)

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